We strive to provide you with the best in the industry. Real authentic massage with a little extras. No piano and no bullshit. Every gals looking to join us have to undergo strict QC and they are turned away if they do not make the mark.

All photos are taken by us unless selfies provided by themselves. We will not entertain fake photos and many a gal has been turned away because of that. All photos are true representation of the gals themselves. You get what you see simply. Pls walk away if the actual person is unlike the photos provided without paying a single cent. I repeat, you do not have to pay any rejection fee should the photos and actual person do not tally.

All reportings are true after the QC done and we do not use clones to post fake MRs to boost their business. MRs are posted by kind Bros in the spirit of sharing in recognition of the gals’ hard work. All the services provided are what we have gone through with them. Pls ask for it should you not get it. Do not keep quiet and come lament after that. You have every right as a paying customer to ask. We will not list services that they do not provide. If you get it, it is an additional bonus. Some guys have all the luck.

Thank you from the bottom of our heart for your tremendous support!


P/S: Should you have any enquiries or you have a friend that will like to join us, kindly PM ‘liltiger’ at SammyBoy forum.

131 thoughts on “ABOUT LIL TIGER’S DEN

  1. Hi
    Will be Singapore for a couple months, came across your website and it looks good.
    I’m living around balestier road. Any.one you could recommend for a good massage + ending around ? Much appreciated. Thanks

  2. Hey I will be in Singapore for the coming week, and I wanted to know if there are any good massage recommendations with ending. I will be living near Business District.

    • Thanks Bro for the message.

      Do check out their individual profiles for details.

      Have a great stay in Singapore!

  3. Hey bro,

    Can we contact through email? Or any medium that you prefer, have questions regarding some of the girls


  4. Hi, I am in Singapore at the moment. I was wondering, do any of these girls on your site do outcalls to high-end hotels?

    They seem to all provide incall services only.


    • Thanks for the message Bro.

      No outcalls only inhouse massage services.

      My apologies for the inconvenience.

      Have a pleasant trip!

  5. bro check out Mona at sglonelyguy.com. She is looking out for other website to advertise on. her contact is 90159677.

    • Thanks for the enquiry Bro.

      Nope they don’t do outcalls according to what i know but then again no harm trying. You never know you might be the lucky guy.

      Good luck Bro and thanks for the support!

    • Thanks for the message Bro.

      Pls contact them direct for bookings as we are only advertising for them.

      Thanks for the support!

  6. Hi Boss. Thank you for all the recommendations. They are all very authentic. I hv tried Starry. Clear. Mia. Kayla etc….all superb. Tks and keep up your good work!:

    • No idea, can’t get hold of her and there is no news no picture.

      Her web has been taken down also.

      Thanks for the support!

    • Supposed to be a 10-day vacation so i reckon she should be back in a couple of days.

      Will update when she does.

      Thanks Bro for the support!

    • Hi Bro,

      Kindly text in Chinese if you can do so. English applicable only to those lasses that i indicate can understand and communicate in English.

      Sorry for the inconvenience!

  7. Ona provide a fantastic service. Even though she no provide bj, fj, but her massage skill can help me free of stress after a tired working days. She chat wif me and not rush for service. I already find her for few times and will continue looking for her. Location nice and clean room. She will be back to her hometown soon. So don miss the change.

  8. Tried her yesterday decide to leave a my first FR. Here it goes.

    Location: 8/10 bus stop near 1-2 min walk.

    Looks: 9/10 (No make up on, but look same as picture. Look very cute and pretty SYT. Confirm 18 only. Look petite than expected.

    Boobs: B just nice for my hand. Quite big for her size.

    Massage: 9/10 keep checking if too hard or too soft.

    Room: 8/10: Stays by herself. Not too bad. One bed for her to rest and another for massage.
    Overall quite Clean. Bath room a bit small.

    HJ : 9/10 no commercial feel. Like doing with GF. HJ while licking and looking at you with CFM face.

    Autoroaming: Strip off top. Allowed roaming of upper body.

    GFE: 8/10 treats u like BF offer me soup and drinks

    RTM: yes.

  9. Promised Distinctive to leave a comment here but theres no way to leave comment at her page like other girls. Her service is good. Was the function block because she get too many negative feedback?

  10. Hi bro, when you update girl in future, possible to add in if they could provide stocking fetish or even foot job? i think many of like it if there is, cheers

  11. Have been with LTD for quite a few years. Recently saw tiger bro quoted that SBF has been Talking rubbish about his lass here. One thing for sure is that, the quality that LTD provide is no horse run. I’m voicing out for LTD is very simple bcos All these standard of lass under here is pretty much top notch quality. You guys won’t find it else where. I guarantee you this. There bound to have some bad apple in a basket but rest assure they will be remove provided there’s valid proof/ground. Tiger bro, keep up the good work man ! You are doing great ! I just feel very obliged to type this out as i feel unjust for LTD. cheers !

    • Thanks Bro for the affirmation.

      It is with Bros like you that make the uphill task seems worthwhile at the end of the day.

      I can only do my best to shortlist gals at the expense of my pockets but there is really so much i can do. Some things are really beyond my control. We are only advertising for the lasses. Period, nothing else!

      Million thanks for the support Bro!

    • It is not up to me to decide that unfortunately as i am only advertising for the lasses.

      Will update though if there is any good news.

      Thanks for the support Bro!

    • No idea Bro.

      It is not up to us as we are only in advertising for the lasses.

      Will update once there is any good news.

      Thanks for the support!

    • Thanks for the enquiry.

      Kindly contact the masseuse direct for appointment.

      Many thanks for the support!

    • Thanks for the PM Bro.

      NO BJ NO SEX have been our motto all this while and it will not change.

      We want the lasses to earn money without harming their health.

      Sorry for the inconvenience and many thanks for the support!

  12. Hi,
    Some the the MLs are fully clothed now while providing service. Possible to list this in the ML’s advertisement?
    It is important as decisions are made based on this piece of information. Thank you.

      • Still tot of visiting her this coming weekend. too bad…. Anyway good luck to her. Stopping this trade for good and find herself a nice guy to settle down. All the best to her.

    • Thanks for the enquiry Bro.

      She has stopped work according to her.

      Thanks for the support and sorry for the inconvenience!

  13. Hi
    Found your site on sammyboy and I’ll be visiting SG next week. Would like to know are there any girls who can communicate in english. As far as i have looked all new commers can communicate only chinese.

    • Many thanks for the query Bro.

      You can use Google translate to communicate with the lasses as most of them can only converse in Mandarin.

      My apologies for the inconvenience and all the best for your visit to Singapore!

    • I have no idea Bro. Am afraid you have to check with them personally.

      Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for the support!

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