13 thoughts on “BRAND NEW

  1. Brandi is really excellent. Total thumbs up. Hardworking, patient and meticulous. Really good job. The best i have had so far. She does not look 27. Looks much prettier in person. Not a time watcher and will put in her best to make you feel comfortable everywhere! 赞!

    Start queuing everyone before she leaves.

  2. Bro,
    I understand the good service that you are providing but just a humble comment. Some girls who have not done hj before should give them more training. At the same price that they charge with others, should expect at least similar kind of service.

    • Thanks for the suggestion Bro.

      Unfortunately we are only advertising for the lasses and it ends there.

      They are our ‘bosses’ in actual fact paying us for our services.

      There is only so much we can do and advise but ultimately it is upon them to make the final decision.

      We are only providing a platform for them to reach out to fellow good willed Bros like yourself.

      Thank you for the support Bro!

  3. Holiday i guess is by far the best lady here..
    too bad she had went back…
    do hope she will come back one day…
    best service in everything she does…

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